Three Day Juice Detox Done (kind of)

I started off with the best of intentions. I love my new juicer. Fresh, raw juice is awesome-sauce. But, but as I predicted in my earlier post – only three raw juices a day, even with the occasional half an avocado thrown in, just isn’t enough sustenance.

Day 1 – I felt tired, but not too hungry. An early night was had. I was told that ‘detox symptoms’ are similar to a cold, so thought that must be it.

Day 2 – Not… – OH MY GOD! I’m starving. Let it pass; this is a detox symptom right? Ow my head hurts. It really hurts. I can’t concentrate. I’m not thinking about food, I’m not hungry per se. I just feel awful. I’ve had my lunch juice at 11am and have have one more juice for the whole day. How is this possible.

So then I ate this:

And then this:

And then had another juice.

So, I failed. Well, perhaps not failed. I just listened to my body and what it was telling me. And what it was telling me is three juices a day isn’t enough. I had hoped that after reading other people’s juice-detox experiences, such as Joy the Baker’s, that the ‘hunger pangs disappearing and a renewed sense and source of energy’ would also be bestowed upon me. Turns out, I’m simply too much of a pie. Like I said, it wasn’t physical hunger that got to me. It was the intense headache, lack of mental concentration, and flu-like symptoms.

But, I have learned that fresh juice tastes amazing. I did manage to kick the caffeine so now am caffeine and head ache free. And it might just be me, but my skin seems to look a lot clearer and those constant dark circles under my eyes have cleared up.

I’m still juicing, with all sorts of veggies. And yes, I now like beetroot (in juice)! At least one fresh, raw juice a day will see me right. And I’m still intrigued by eating raw foods vs cooked. Just not, only, juice.

Am I detoxed? Partly. Probably not as the programme intended. Am I happier now I’m eating food again? A lot.

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a yogi, a foodie, a runner. head over heels with edinburgh. facilitator of FOMO.
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4 Responses to Three Day Juice Detox Done (kind of)

  1. That soup looks divine! Love a big, hearty bowl of soup, it feeds the body and the soul! xx

  2. Barbara says:

    Way to go in getting rid of the caffeine! A juice a day is a great goal.

  3. JD-izzle says:

    No coffee????? Booooo!

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